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Truth About Muslims

Islam, one among largest religions in the world also the one that is misunderstood all time. There are several sources including political, economic & media, framed Islam as misleading religion. And the truth about Muslims are always hidden from the light.

Despite all these hindrance true way to understand Islam is to investigate every situation correlating with Islamic standards & reliable sources.

Truth About Muslims: Do they never shares pleasing & virtuous merits with non-Muslims?

Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) stated “The best among you are those who have the best manners and characters”

Truth about Muslims reveals from above quote. Abiding to it Muslims should never utter even a word in vain, should not do gossip or backbiting. As the almighty is omnipresent who keep watching one’s behaviour & track everyone’s words and deeds (be it good or bad).

According to Muslims Religion, the universal values that need to be followed are,

  • Being true at all time
  • Sticking with one’s word
  • Supporting liberty to worship
  • Obeying parents and other vital relationships
  • Helping the needy
  • Never backbiting, cheating, searing & not lying

Muslims are advised to bestow positively to the society and to practice
morality with others through words or actions.

Muslims and Islam

At once Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) accepted islam, the immediate souls that embraced Islam was his very own friends & family. Along with joined the needy and poor residents in Mecca. All these happened around 1400 years ago.

Periodically this count increased to thousands and presently one quarter of world population are Muslims. Among this number a myth is that most of them are Arabs which is wrong by data.

Muslims by origin must obey religious policies strictly without any excuses. In that giving justice to non-Muslim brothers & sisters is mandatory.

This clears that Islam insists peace and happiness into lives of every beings in this world and in after life. But today Islam is being condemned for the act made by imperfect people who proclaim them as Muslims.

The truth about muslims is to worships Allah only and doesn’t lower himself before anyone except Allah, The Greatest. The Muslim’s mind is liberated from misconceptions and myths which structure the basis of the actual religions of Jews, Christians and pagans. The Muslim trusts in all the Prophets sent by Allah and respects them while the Jews, Christians and pagans have different beliefs.

The Muslim believes in The Last Day and in all the issues relating to That Day as revealed by Allah to His Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam (Peace be upon him). If one one examines worship in Islam and Islam’s rulings and legislations, he will realize that Islam can only be but from Allah. Just look at ablution and the prayer and judge for yourself.

Truth About Muslims Purpose of Life

Truth About Muslims in Islam clearly addresses quite possibly the most central and challenging questions in human history: “What is the reason forever?” God declares in the Quran, “And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” (51:56) For Truth about Muslims, the motivation behind life is to revere God, the Creator, everything being equal. Worship in Islam is a comprehensive concept that urges individuals to be conscious of God all through their day by day lives and gives a system to help individuals live live a balanced and virtuous life.

Islam has a commonsense way to deal with living that positively transforms people’s individual connection to God and individual people. Islam offers guidance on all issues of life, including one’s eating regimen, habits, and social relationships. God tells Muslims to eat everything ” good and pure ” while holding fast to straightforward dietary restrictions such as avoidance of pork, liquor and anything slaughtered in the name of other than God.