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In today’s context, the information divulged through verses of Information about quran could easily be decoded to hard facts of the life with which the science deals with. Though Al-Qur’an cannot be termed as a Book of Science, it remains a Book of Signs. There are several facts which were unknown till recently, have now been proved to be correct and true, if we were to subject those facts to a scientific test.

Al-Qur’an verses dealing with the things right from the creation of this universe, its development, the ongoing process and what would be the fate of this universe including our world, in future and beyond. These information about Quran is not realised since long time back.

Researchers and philosophers have decoded the verses to a great extent, which include all branches of science and celestial studies. Yet a scientist of the stature of Albert Einstein developed a theory and presented three tests also to prove his theory wrong. When other scientists worked on his given method, they could not prove Albert Einstein wrong and he was given a hearing, that is to say he was listened to what he said. Such type of test is called a “falsification test”. That means if you research and develop a theory, you will have to give a testing procedure also to prove your own theory wrong. If someone acting on such a test and proved your theory wrong, you are gone…

The Information About Quran:

Al-Qur’an has several ‘falsification tests’. You can ask anyone if he has a “falsification test’ to prove his holy book wrong or prove his scientific theory wrong. You would not come across a single person who would say “Yes I have a falsification test to prove my book wrong!” When Al-Qur’an was revealed, it had several falsification tests for that period and also it has several such tests for ever to prove it wrong. Those tests are applicable even today to test the claim of Al-Qur’an that it is a Word of God.

We can give a long list for such tests. For example, we give below a few “falsification tests” through which you can prove Al-Qur’an wrong if you can:

Allah says, “Verily We: It is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Qur’an) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption).” (Al-Qur’an Chapter-15, Verse 9)

As a Falsification Test, it is open for everyone to prove that Al-Qur’an has been corrupted to with any amount of information, at any time, from the time of its revelation up till now, or till the end of this world. If anyone can prove that Al-Qur’an contained or replaced with a single word of a human being, then the verse could also be proved wrong. It is a falsification test which remains as a challenge to the world community at large, not till the specific period of time but it would remain till the end of this world.

A known information about Quran is that it was made from the recited memory during it revelation to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and believers he was surrounded with.

Later once the official copy was released after one year from the death of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) it was cross-checked with the recited texts from memory and the unofficial notes available then. The best part in this is the necessity of written copy of Qur’an is being mentioned in it under the chapter al-‘Alaq as,

“Read: In the name of your Lord who created. Who created man from a clinging entity. Read! Your Lord is the most Noble, Who taught by the pen. Who taught man what he did not know.” Qur’an, 96:1-5

These are few Information about Quran:

Apart from few facts mentioned here information about Quran stands as unique source for researchers on different sectors that includes but not limited to,

  • Astronomy
      The Sun & Moon
    1. Stars & Planets
    1. Orbits
    1. The Day & Night
    1. Conquest of space
  • Geology
      Water cycle
    1. Mountains
  • Biology
    1. Physiology
  • Embryology
    1. Implantation
    1. Embryo

One book for all that needed by entire mankind. It is certain that no man from time of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) can be the author of such a spectacular book of rich statements. This information about Quran concludes that it is a unique book with religious and non-religious revelation that even can’t be proved by modern scientists with just their materialistic reasoning.

All the facts and reasoning mentioned here leave behind the truth that Qur’an is certainly the wordings of the almighty and no other human from this world.