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The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Early Life: From Childhood to Adulthood

We have sent you ‘O Prophet’ only as a mercy for the whole world. [Al-Anbiyaa:107]

Allah ﷻ sent the Last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as a guidance to all of mankind. Allah ﷻ sealed prophethood with Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Throughout the 23 years of his prophethood, and even after his death Muhammad ﷺ inspires millions of people to follow the path of Islam. But what was his life before he became a prophet? Let’s Explore the upbringing, events, and formative experiences that shaped him, unlocking his divine purpose. Delve into the inspiring story of Prophet Muhammad’s early life.  

The Birth of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

The biography of Prophet Muhammad unfolds with his blessed birth on 9th Rabiul Awwal, 22nd April, 571 C.E. Born to Abdullah and Aminah, on a Monday morning during the year of the elephant [‘Amm al feel], he was delivered by midwife Shifa bint Amr. Celebrating this joyous occasion, his grandfather Abdul Muttalib named him Muhammad, meaning ‘he who is praised,’ envisioning a praiseworthy future for his grandson. This significant event marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey, paving the way for the remarkable biography of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Initially Prophet Muhammad Childhood Years was nursed by his mother and then by his father’s slave Umm Ayman. Later on, he was sent to be nursed under the care of Haleemah Sadiya.  

Under the Care of Haleemah Sadiya

During those times it was customary for Arabs to send their children to be grown among the Bedouins because-

·         Rugged environment of the desert makes the children strong and healthy

·         Children would learn purest Arabic from the desert people

When one such Bedouin group arrived in Makkah, Abdul Muttalib too was looking for a woman to be a wet nurse for his grandson. While many women rejected baby Muhammad reasoning that they will not be rewarded handsomely if they worked for a fatherless family, Haleemah Sadiya agreed to keep Muhammad ﷺ as she was happy, she wasn’t returning home empty-handed.

There was a turn of events as they took baby Muhammad home. The frail and fragile she-ass that they were riding on came last to Makkah, while it moved so fast that it put all the caravans behind on their return. The she-camel in their home would not give a drop of milk, that their child would cry of hunger and Haleema and her husband Harith would not sleep at night. On the other hand, after they brought in Muhammad ﷺ, she herself and her camel would be full of milk that none of them would sleep hungry. Though they lived in the most drought-stricken part of their region, suddenly their house seemed untouched by it.

During the period of Muhammad’s stay their house was blessed and he continued to become a strong and healthy child even in the drought. Haleema had asked Amina to keep the child with her longer even after he had been weaned and she had agreed. That was when a strange thing happened. Jibreel AS had descended to clean up the satan’s part in Muhammad’s heart. This triggered a huge fear in Haleema and Harith that they brought him back to Makkah and he lived with his mother. After two years Muhammad ﷺ lost his mother. 

Prophet Transition from Childhood to Adulthood

Embark on a compelling exploration of Muhammad’s journey to adulthood, uncovering the significant milestones that shaped the childhood of this revered Islamic Prophet. Discover the nurturing upbringing, profound encounters, and formative experiences that contributed to his character development. Witness the virtues cultivated during his early years, laying the foundation for his extraordinary destiny. Muhammad’s transition from childhood to adulthood is a testament to his inspiring journey, offering profound insights into his spiritual growth and unwavering commitment to his divine mission. Delve into the captivating childhood of Islamic Prophet, discovering the profound impact it had on shaping his path towards becoming a beloved leader and messenger of Allah. 

Meeting with Bahira

Muhammad ﷺ grew with the affection of his grandfather which did not last more than 2 years. His uncle Abu Talib took his care after the passing of his grandfather. When Muhammad ﷺ was twelve years old, he accompanied his uncle to Syria and on the way, they met a Christian monk named Bahira, who recognized him as the last Prophet and requested his uncle to take good care of him and to keep him safe. Having lost his parents, Muhammad ﷺ came of age with no inheritance and he made a living by tending to goats. He became very much known for his honesty and trustworthiness that he was called Al-Ameen (the Trustworthy).

Marriage to Khadheeja RA

A wealthy widowed business woman Khadheeja used to hire and send men overseas for her trade and Muhammad ﷺ sent along with her slave Maysara to Syria. The business was very profitable and Muhammad ﷺ returned all the profit to her. Impressed by his business ethics and character, based on the description given by her slave, Khadeeja RA sent a marriage proposal to Muhammad ﷺ. He ﷺ accepted and they got married. Muhammad ﷺ was only married to Khadeeja RA at that time and they had 7 kids. While he was twenty-five years old, she was forty.

Dispute of the Black Stone

When Muhammad ﷺ was thirty-five years old, a dispute arose among the Quraysh regarding the black stone in the Ka’bah which had been destroyed during the great flood. While the entire Ka’bah was rebuilt, a dispute arose among the chieftains on who should claim the honour of placing the black stone in its spot. The decision had to be taken by Muhammad ,ﷺ who was the trustworthy among them. When He ﷺ came to know the details of the dispute he asked for a big sheet and placed the black stone in the centre. Then he asked all the chieftains to lift it in unison and when they did so, He ﷺ, placed it in the hole, thus, avoiding a huge conflict.

Muhammad’s Character Before Prophethood

Early Life of Muhammad were marked by exceptional qualities. Known for his intelligence, chastity, justice, honesty, piety, modesty, patience, loyalty, and hospitality, he stood out from a young age. Firmly averse to polytheism and idol worship, he distanced himself from such practices and refrained from attending related festivals. Additionally, he meticulously observed dietary restrictions, only consuming meat slaughtered in the name of Allah ﷻ. These virtues in Prophet Muhammad’s early years illuminate his unwavering commitment to righteousness, guiding humanity towards a life of moral excellence.

In the Prophet Muhammad Adulthood Life, he turned away from the immoral lifestyle of the people of Makkah, yearning for solitude. Dissatisfied with his surroundings, he sought solace and truth in the cave of Hira. As he reached the age of forty, Prophet Muhammad experienced profound signs of Prophethood. Through recurring dreams and visions, he witnessed events that would later come to pass. These pivotal moments in his adulthood marked the beginning of his divine journey, shaping the life stages of Prophet Muhammad and paving the way for his transformative role as the final Messenger. 

This is a brief about the Life of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ before he attained prophethood.

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