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Truth About Islam - Our Mission & Vision

The religion of peace named Islam is one among the mightiest religion in this world. And also the one that is misunderstood a lot for several reasons. Be it a propaganda of political or of economical unfolded at all times.  Our mission is to spread truth about Islam by clearing entire misconceptions and to disseminate virtuous good deeds that the Muslims actually practise.

Islam has its own unsoiled culture and values which teach the purpose of life that is contrary with modern values. This is where our vision comes in with a prophecy to donate positivity to the society and lead them towards morality & righteous actions.

Purpose Of Life

Just imagine that if the ultimate purpose of oneself is to become wealthy, there won't be literally anything to achieve after reaching the desired wealth.

It's a known fact that since our anatomical details have their own purposes, so do we as individuals.The Glorious God, the All-Wise, sent us to wander aimlessly nor to fulfil our regular instincts & desires. But we all have a purpose to worship the God Alone who is ALLAH, so that the guidance will lead us live a peacefully in all aspects of life including those of the personal virtues & beneficial acts to the society.

Here are the actions that can get you closer to Almighty,

Praying five times a day

Earning honestly

Opposing oppression

Looking after orphans

Doing good deeds to society

Helping the community

Obeying to parents

Being patience & humility

Raising against injustice

Taking care of family

To speak truth alone

Setting mind towards God

Allah the All-wise defines this life as an exam and mankind is being tested in numerous ways. It's not in our hand to control a situation, but definitely we can handle the way we are going to approach it.

Maintaining patience during hard times and being grateful for the blessings are the ways and means of achieving eternal paradise. In advance, as a precaution we are being warned with punishment in hell for disbelieve and ignoring His orders. Knowing this truth about islam will never let an individual to make a glitch at loneliness.

The major faith lies in utilizing one self’s intellect to behold and realize God's signs and pass the life under his guidance. These are the real purpose of life and those who accomplishes called Muslim.

Introduction to Islam, The True Religion

The word 'Islam' means surrendering oneself to the will of the Almighty. Which also represents peace. Real truth about Islam teaches that purpose of the birth of a human being is to worship the Almighty throughout his life time and believes in accountability and answerability in the after life for the actions that we take being alive.

Islam is the only religion that teaches oneself how to give attention and importance to a relationship with God and to His creations in more natural way. Islam instruct that it is achievable only through good deeds and to seek pleasure of God in eternal life.

Except man no other beings in the world have the ability to think spontaneously that everything that is organized must have an organizer. Islam applies this logical thinking to the properly organized inter-related ecosystem that witnesses the existence of the Mighty creator.

This is the way in which Muslims follow an unseen Supreme Creator who is ultimately the origin of all physical & sacred power that is present in the universe.

Muslims across the universe worships the same GOD worshipped by prophets (The Messengers of GOD). Surprisingly Allah is the same word that Arabic speaking Christians & Jews tend to use.
The real beauty in Islam is that it recognizes the entire perfection, eminence & uniqueness of GOD without compromises.

The same way how hierarchy exists in living world, Allah (swt) need not show up personally to deliver instructions. Rather He chooses a man amongst us to deliver the message via revelations. Those who were chosen by Allah were called the messengers (aka prophets of God). One among those messenger is Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and he is the last one to be sent to this world.

The Quran

The one and only instructional manual for human kind is none other than Quran. The lord (our creator) Allah knows what is best for mankind and need not to take human form to teach us good or bad.

Before Quran more similar holy books were revealed for people at that time. Yet Quran is taken charge by Allah and will be preserved by him till judgement day.

Quran will guide humankind with do's and don'ts' at all circumstance of life.

Purpose of Worship

The worship practices followed by Muslims are unparalleled to other religion in this world. The motto of worship beholds to the quote stated by almighty in the holy Quran

"And assuredly we have sent among every people a messenger (with the command): worship God…" (Quran 16:36)"

A unique role is played by worship in Islam, it denotes a person as true Muslim who devotes his life to the will of God.

Belief in after life

Our soul's existence prolongs even after death, in the form of spirit and physical resurrection. Those who did good deeds will be greeted by Allah, conversely others will be punished by him for their bad deeds. A truth about Islam that Muslims believe in.

Revelation from GOD

Revelation is the action through which God communicate whatever knowledge to those who he wishes to deliver. With this understanding received from God, the same will be delivered to the messenger's community.

Almost all messengers of Allah have received revelation as said by God,

“Verily, we have sent Revelation to you (O Muhammad) as We have sent Revelation to Noah and the prophets who came after him. We had sent revelation to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the Tribes, Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon. And to David We gave the Psalms. And Messengers We have told you about before, and Messengers We have not told you about – and to Moses We spoke directly.” (Quran 4:163)

Muslim's outlook on life

Truth about Islam is teaching mankind the purpose of life and how to react at every situation be it good or bad.

Be grateful when good things happens

Be patience at bad times

Never forget that this life is a test

God sees everything you do

Nothing happens without His will

Whatever you own is from the God

Focus on what is under control and give your best

All will return to God on judgement day and will be questioned