Continuous debates are being held on this topic, saying that Muslims can Mary more than one wife deliberately. Actually what quran says regarding this is, in Sura an-Nisa Chapter 4 Verse 3

“Marry women of your choice in twos, threes or fours, but if you can’t do justice then marry only one.”

Indirectly Islam discourages people to men to marry multiple wives as it is clearly mention if you can do justice to all, only then it is allowed. For instance if a man dies at younger age and he has enough wealth that can be divided among his wives then he can Mary more than one women where justice is met by all of them. In vice versa case, Islam doesn’t encourage marrying more than one women.

Moreover marrying more than one wives is not mandate in Islam, which is misunderstood most cases. Instead it is kept optional.

We’ve seen what Quran says about marrying more than one women, now let us look at logical justification in this scenario.

By nature males are the one that face death in early age due to various reasons that includes wars, accidents (rash driving), alcoholism and smoking. In order to compensate the scarcity of men compared to number of women it was recommended to marry more than one if and only if they are treated equally.

Polygamy (marrying multiple women) is allowed in scenarios such as,

  • If one’s wife is dead/sick and she can’t serve his husband further, one is allowed to marry another women of his choice.
  • If a women in infertile but the husband wants a child then he is allowed to marry a girl to fulfil his wish
  • If in case a widow who is struggling to take care of her children, then eligible men in the community can marry her

One reason that is not encourage by Islam is that if a man marries multiple women to fulfil his evil desires. Those who marry with that intention will be questioned and punished for sure in day of judgement.