Polygamy in Islam

Continuous debates are being held about Polygamy in Islam, saying that Muslims can Mary more than one wife deliberately.

Actually what quran  says regarding this is, in Sura an-Nisa Chapter 4 Verse 3

“Marry women of your choice in twos, threes or fours, but if you can’t do justice then marry only one.”


Indirectly Islam discourages men to marry multiple wives as it is clearly mention if you can do justice to all, only then it is allowed.

For instance if a man dies at younger age and he has enough wealth that can be divided among his wives then he can Mary more than one women where justice is met by all of them.

In vice versa case, Islam doesn’t encourage marrying more than one women.

Moreover marrying more than one wives is not mandate in Islam, which is misunderstood most cases. Instead it is kept optional.

We’ve seen what Quran says about marrying more than one women, now let us look at logical justification in this scenario.

Polygamy in Islam: True Fact

By nature males are the one that face death in early age due to various reasons that includes wars, accidents (rash driving), alcoholism and smoking.

In order to compensate the scarcity of men compared to number of women it was recommended to marry more than one if and only if they are treated equally.

Polygamy in Islam (marrying multiple women) is allowed in scenarios such as,

  • If one’s wife is dead/sick and she can’t serve his husband further, one is allowed to marry another women of his choice.
  • A women is infertile but the husband wants a child then he is allowed to marry a girl to fulfil his wish
  • In case a widow who is struggling to take care of her children, then eligible men in the community can marry her

One reason which Islam doesn’t encourage is to marry multiple women just to fulfil one’s evil desires.

Those who marry with that intention will be questioned and punished for sure
in day of judgement.

The view on polygamy is misunderstood by others as if it is practised by only Muslims, but also by other cultures.

While practising polygamy Islam strictly conveys that it is not an alternate to monogamy, at the same time certain limitations should be adhered.

Muslims view on Polygamy in Islam is to deal with and solving social problems of an individual in the society.

Most importantly this practice offers solution that are beneficial rather than just ignoring the needy from the community.

Distorted View of Polygamy in Islam

Islam and Polygamy is frequently misunderstood and misrepresented. We’re all familiarized with stereotypes of wanton, greedy men and disrespected, jealous spouses. Some envision women have it forced upon them and they are constantly contending with one another for his affection. This is certainly not a accurate representation of polygamy in Islam. In certain nations polygamy is socially acceptable and they see it as a blessing and something gainful and positive.

It forbidden illegal in Islam to constrain a woman to wed any man she does not want. Polygamy cannot be constrained on women.


Women that are married to a similar man are sisters in faith. Although they live in separate homes, they may share family responsibilities together and discover they have greater stability dependability because the family network has developed. Spouses can help each other by taking turns cooking and sharing the food, occasionally observing each other’s children, or g or running errands for each other, etc. A few women prefer toward solitude and independence. On the evenings, their husband isn’t home, they can appreciate calm, and have the space to do things they like.

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