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Why Wear Hijab

Why wear hijab? The purpose why Islam propound Muslim women to wear hijab is because this long fabric covers her body modestly that doesn’t reveal her figure. It is said to wear outer garment to hid their structure and leaving hands & face are permitted to males that are not close to her. Wearing hijab not just alter one’s appearance also the way she speak, walk and conduct with others in the society.

Muslim men and women holds to almighty’s saying and obey without interrogating since he knows what is good for his creations.

Islam encourages women empowerment through hijab, that emphasis her spiritual beauty instead transfixing up on her physical appearance. Without losing their modesty women will be an active participant in contributing the society. Islam never impose suppression or oppression over women via hijab, it is the first self-defence to a women against anti-social elements.

Why wear hijab? Apart from any fact that stress the reason wearing hijab, it is command from the creator. Which strongly believed by Muslim women that he knows what suits best for his creations.

In order to defend their figure to those males not closely related defines the reason why wearing hijab is recommended. However, wearing this lengthy garment means more than covering body in terms of maintaining dignified and noble conduct, modesty etc.

Why wear hijab?

<p style=”text-align: justify; font-size: 120%;”>Few reasons among the most that let a Muslim women to cover her body listed below,</p>

Honouring the creator

For every Muslim the diving law should be followed strictly, doing so is itself a type of worship.

Quran, guides muslim men to lower their gazes. Also reminds Muslim women to down their gazes in below verse.

“And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that they should not display their beauty and ornaments, except what (ordinarily) appear thereof.” (24:31)


A Protective Source

Protective measures for a women to stay away from harassments doesn’t come from her brothers or friends or any outsiders. Rather it comes from the way she expose herself. Which is why Muslim women covers her body with hijab from public as much as possible.

For better judgement

A women covers herself with hijab literally convey to this world that apart from her beauty there are other self-qualities that placed her in a position in a society.

With this she free herself from society’s unethical and disrespectful beliefs on her.

Under Surat AnNur Hijab is connected with name of Allah anNur. A spiritual light to safeguard women thus increasing Imaan in Muslim women’s heart.