how do you deal with criticism

How to deal criticism effectively with confidence and grace?

Hey, don’t worry too much if people don’t like your ideas, especially if they say it in public. It’s fine. Look at it like feedback that can make you better. Instead of considering them as enemies, try to consider them as friends. Once you get used to it, you might even turn those critics into fans. So, don’t let the fear of criticism stop you from sharing your thoughts with the world. This works better than getting bitter. 

Criticism is never really that easy to handle. Noone is perfect. However, you thought that everything you do is seen as flawless. The best way to handle criticism is to listen, learn and improve. As the saying goes, “As long as you are from the denizens of Earth, expect to be hurt, to be insulted, and to be criticized.” Then, what’s the best way to do that? Well, in this blog you will learn how to deal criticism effectively with confidence and grace. 

Expect criticism when you excel:

“And here is something you should contemplate: a person who is

sitting on the ground does not fall, and people do not kick a dead dog.”

When you excel and stand out, it’s natural to expect criticism from others. This is because success can sometimes make people feel uneasy. Imagine you’re a student who consistently gets top grades. Some classmates might criticize you out of jealousy or insecurity. In the workplace, if you’re consistently outperforming your colleagues, they might feel challenged. To handle this, stay confident and focus on your goals. 

Understand that each and everyone has their various perceptions on things. When someone criticizes you, it often reveals more about them than about you. Take constructive feedback positively, but don’t let baseless criticism discourage you. Surround yourself with supportive people who genuinely celebrate your achievements. Remember, even highly successful individuals face criticism; it’s a part of the journey. Use it as motivation to keep improving and proving yourself. Keep your head high, and let your success speak louder than the critics.

Don’t take critical attacks personally:

Remind yourself not to let critical attacks affect you personally. Instead of getting hurt by criticisms, focus on learning from them. Similarly, in daily life, people may criticize your choices or actions. Rather than letting it affect you, consider their feedback with an open mind. The way of handling negative feedback sets you apart from others. Taking criticism positively can lead to personal and professional development. So, keep a positive mindset, learn from feedback, and use it to become the best version of yourself. 

For example, during a family function, a friend suggests that your choice of clothing might not have matched the occasion or could have been more stylish. You have two possible responses available. On one hand, you could defensively drop the comment. In doing so, you could have missed a chance for style improvement. Alternatively, you have the option to express gratitude for your friend’s honesty and ask for specific suggestions. This could allow you to enhance your style to better suit various occasions. Which response would you be more likely to choose?

Meet criticism with grace and forgiveness:

How do you deal with criticism and critics? Just shower them with kindness. If they’re being all negative, stay cool and answer back with a smile. No need for a big scene. Don’t give them the reaction they want. Just keep doing your thing and let the good results speak for themselves. Despite the pain from criticism, choose to forgive. Holding onto grudges only adds stress, so forgive and lighten the load.

Quick tip: Before reacting, take a deep breath. This allows you to think clearly before reacting quickly. Ask yourself – is the criticism meant constructively? Does it have any truth to consider? If it was delivered bitterly, why might the person be acting this way? Stay chill when responding – it shows you’ve got a handle on your emotions. Being calm makes you look confident and stops problems from getting bigger. When you’re ready to reply, be polite about criticism, but you don’t have to agree. It’s better to stay cool than to get all defensive. Just give it a try. 

Define your self worth:

Stay true to yourself by defining your own self-worth, just like a rare gem values itself regardless of others’ opinions. Don’t let anyone dictate how you should feel about who you are. Embrace your talents, let them shine, and pursue what makes you happy. When was the last time you chose a hobby or activity purely for your joy? Without a care for what others might say or think, have you considered picking up a musical instrument or painting brush? Just for the joy it brings you.

With an emphasis on cherishing self-value, consider Cristiano Ronaldo, a global football icon. Early in his career, he faced criticism for his playing style and decision making on the field. However, his dedication, hard work, and determination have driven him to great success. This has proven his critics wrong.

“And be patient over what they say and avoid them with gracious avoidance.”

(Quran 73:10)”


In summary, dealing with criticism is a part of life. When you stand out, some people may criticize you out of your own insecurities. While criticism can hurt, see it as feedback to improve yourself. Don’t take critical attacks personally. And don’t let them stop you from pursuing your talents confidently.

Meet criticism with grace and forgiveness. Take a deep breath before reacting. Consider if there is any truth to the critique that could help you. Respond politely without needing to agree or get defensive. Focus on your work and let your results speak for themselves.

Most importantly, define your own self-worth. Don’t give others that power. Constructive criticism can make you better. But cruel attacks say more about the critic. Maintain inner confidence and keep shining.

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