10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

Fasting an ancient behaviour of our ancestors for centuries. Apparently this practice of fasting is followed by many religions citing different vital reasons. However fasting during Ramadan is quite different from other practices.

The month of Ramadan is familiar all over the world, this is otherwise known as month of fasting.

The real purpose for Muslim to fast during this month is to learn self-control from daily pleasures that literally degrades God-consciousness, to purify one’s body and finally to have remembrance about the needy and poor in the society.

Despite the spiritual benefits the scientifically proven benefits of fasting in Ramadan includes healing from mild and severe health problems.

Watch this short video that says what Ramadan is.

Scientifically Proven Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

Muslims all over the world fast for the whole month of Ramadan from dawn to the dusk which is considered an obligatory procedure.

During this course of action an abled Muslim should be away from food and water, having sex, misconduct, consuming medicines & other sort of fluids during observed period of the day.

Doing so he/she will attain the scientifically proven benefits of fasting in Ramadan as below,

  • Boosts social behaviour
  • Rehabilitate from addiction
  • Improves positive feelings
  • Metabolism increases
  • Immune system improves
  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Increase insulin secretion
  • Helps Reducing Body Weight
  • Helps heart functioning
  • Can put a stop to Cancer

In spite of listed medical health benefits Muslims know that fasting is not just all about restricting self from food and drink. The true nature of fasting includes staying away from unethical activities that creates disregard in the society.

Boosts Social Behaviour:

Ramadan fasting holds within the purpose to boosts moral, spiritual & social values. It creates an equality amongst the people in the society insisting that everyone are same in the vision of almighty.

The importance of helping the needy and poor in the form of charity is highly practise by wealthy in the society.

The typical social benefits of Ramadan includes,

Rehabilitate from addiction:

It is quite abnormal to see a man to get rid of regular habits that is not entertained by scholars in the society.

But during the month of Ramadan it is a portion of the practice to stay away from activities that harm self and the society.

By the end of Ramadan one will surely learn to fight against the evil behaviours with help of spiritual thoughts.

Promotes positive feeling:

Ramadan Improves Positive Feeling

A form of inner peace and tranquillity develops inside a human if he follows useful activities in a day.

Which involves controlling anger, practising good deeds, disciplined manner etc. First step to overcome these behaviour is by creating awareness about God that improves self-control.

Besides everything it requires a sublime state of mind to attain these positive feelings which intern attained through fasting in Ramadan.

Increase in Metabolism:

Ramadan Improves Metabolism

One of the major effect of Ramadan fasting on health is that it increases your metabolism. Having trouble to metabolize food is a sign of weak digestive system. Fasting gives your entire digestive system to rest for a while.

By the time ones break the fast the digestive system gets energised from the food intake and gets ready to burn calories more effectively than ever before.

One more study proves that fasting increases the neurotransmitter norepinephrine levels in the bloodstream which is a great contributor to increased metabolism.

Immune system improves:

Ramadan Boosts Immunity

Fasting offers numerous benefits to the human immune system. At the time of fasting rejuvenation of cells will happen by regenerating old cells within the body.

This does includes cells that are part of immune system. A study suggests that fasting can produce absolutely new cells that are able to fight disease naturally.

Which is why it is recommended to break fasting with fruits with necessary morticians specifically Vitamins that are great source of antioxidants. This one best answer to those who question “is Ramadan fasting good for your?”

Rejuvenate the skin

It is proven that fasting can reboot your gut microbiome, which is the cause for inflammation to occur in human body. Nature process like ageing and acne are part of inflammatory process.

Just by improvising the health of gut and its vital microblome inflammation gets reduced systematically. Thus increasing the health of your skin to a great manner.

Increase insulin secretion:

Fasting Increases Insulin Secretion

During fasting the glucose present in the blood and liver and being utilised the most since the other source of glucose intake is restricted. This reduces the blood sugar level considerably.

In this state insulin becomes a catalyst in the absorption of glucose from the food that is taken while breaking the fast.

By this point of time body doesn’t require much insulin to get glucose from blood, leaving the pancreas to produce limited amount of insulin. Which literally lowers the level of insulin in the bloodstream.

All combining together reduces the risk of creating type 2 diabetes and leverages your health.

Helps reducing body weight:

Ramadan Fasting Helps to Reduce Weight

Obesity is the one major problem that everyone faces in this fast paced lifestyle we are living in. Many finds it harder to find time for physical exercise.

Fasting in turn acts as best source of reducing weight which could lead to numerous daily benefits and reduces risks of becoming prey to different health issues. Without disturbing the muscle tissues fasting burns through fat cells.

This effect of Ramadan fasting on health is considered as most beneficial by athletes in reducing body fat before competitions.

Helps Heart Functioning:

Fasting Strengthen your heart

It is well known fact that people having diabetes are more prone to heart related diseases. As we stated above fasting helps in insulin secretion it in turn reduces hear related disease as well.

Fasting can lead to decrease in blood pressure also triglycerides & cholesterol in human body.

Continually fasting reduces the level of triglycerides by 32% thus resulting in good cardiovascular condition. This one amazing essential effect of Ramadan fasting on health.

Can put an end to Cancer:

Fasting helps to fight cancer

Some animal and test tube studies shows that fasting may reduce the risks for risk from cancer. It is a known fact that Cancer is nothing but a disease denoted by uncontrolled cellular growth in human body.

The substantial benefit of Fasting is that it removes unwanted toxins from cells.

The removal of toxic materials from cells decreases the evolution of cancer inside the cells. Fasting also acts a support for chemotherapy to make it more effective.

Wrapping up

Muslims goal is not just to attain scientifically proven benefits of fasting in Ramadan, beyond that it is observed to attain the suitability of God (Almighty) by obeying to him.

Like mentioned above Ramadan is not for those who want to be empty stomach all day. Rather it is followed by true Muslims who are desperate for a change in their life and in the society they are interacting with.

Beside the mentioned cause of Ramadan it is a month to emphasise on charity to poor and needy. It is also not told just to follow all the deeds only in Ramadan. A true Muslim will strive to practice the lessons learned during the month of Ramadan for the benefits of his/her non-Muslim brothers and sisters in the society.

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